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A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true. Demosthenes (c. 384-322 B.C.)

I struggled in the beginning, I said I was going to write the truth so help me god. And I thought I was. I found I couldn't. Nobody can write the absolute truth - Henry Miller. 

Whilst every effort has been made in my research into various topics, I must ask readers to bear in mind that the truth is presented as I found it.  Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and facts. History is, and has always been, in the eyes of the writer.  Therefore the history of a particular incident will only be as accurate as the "side" it was written by.  My pages on Captain Walker and HMS Kite are drawn mainly from historical records but with eye witness reports thrown in which tend to clarify any historical anomalies that may be read by some readers and not by others.  HMS Kite is the sum total of many emails and a meeting with Ray Holden who has done a lot to make these pages possible, as well as hours of work by me. My Motor Gun Boat page is 90% eye witness, 10% research. I tend to trust eye witness reports over those of any official body.  Should you, the reader, find an anomaly by all means email me with your observations. However, I reserve the right to either amend or leave items as they are.

Where I have "borrowed" material from other sources, which is 99% of research anyway, I have endeavoured to list credits or post url's to that site as hyperlinks or on images etc.  Again, should you find that you or someone else has not been given credit, please mail me with details. I am not infallible! I am often sent items of interest via email and, in most, cases, the information does not lead to any other site. I receive, for example, scans of photographs. I only have the senders word they belong to them. As the sender is usually a family member of a deceased sailor, I take them at their word. The same goes for information which they say is of something involving a father or grandfather.

If I scoured the net every time I received such an item, I would never get anything online. Where I do find something online I endeavour to make contact with the site for permission to post. Quite a lot of the time, I never even receive a reply, so assume that the site is no more, or the originator has gone off to other things. Where I do receive a reply all suitable credits are portrayed on the page.

Please bear in mind that I do this as a hobby, I am not a "professional" historian, not did I graduate or whatever from university with any bits of paper. I do it for FUN!!! However, if I can help, I will. Many sites I originally obtained bits of information from have "disappeared" into cyberspace. Hence the need to keep information circulating.

My heartfelt thanks to all of those people who have contributed to my domain. I make no financial gain from such an undertaking as this, it is my hobby and purely for the satisfaction of finding out or creating something. I am not really interested in your "opinion" of a fact, as that would be just hearsay. If you can back up an argument with cold hard facts, eye witness etc, then I would be delighted to hear from you. If, on the other hand, you would find that my material has been of help, a donation towards the upkeep of this domain would be very gratefully received. I have had many many requests for help, hopefully I have been able to satisfy 90% of them. As I am a full time security officer, time is limited. Information shared is information saved - you may use information found on this site, that's what its here for, possibly a small donation via Pay Pal, its easy to use, secure, and will keep this  site going? I do not ask much, a couple of dollars here, a pound there? I may have to drastically cut the amount of info on my site, its too expensive to maintain in its current format.

Nov 05: My thanks to Perdiccas 320 who sent me an email informing me of this site:  which I knew nothing about. Apparently all dead sites go here to lie in limbo. So, some of those missing sites are probably here too. Like all my pages, they are mainly built up by contributions and some research. I am not a historian, nor do I claim to be. This is purely for fun, AT MY OWN EXPENSE, and as long as I can afford to keep all these pages online, I shall. I am beginning to prune items now in an effort to reduce both work and costs.

2011: Wikipedia is an online source of information akin to Encarta in the 90s but you believe it all at your peril. (and Encarta was wrong, more than once). Wikipedia is not written by historical experts or professors but by members of the public. Opinions are subsequently objective and politically biased in some cases. I have been having great trouble trying to unblacken the good name of Capt Walker RN as the truth is being removed everytime I submit it. Do NOT believe wikipedia but do your own cross check. Oct 2011: The offending sentences have been removed but so have my 'correct' facts.

I have also found history to have been rewritten in some cases. And the main culprit appears to be map makers!!! One such map dated 1611, clearly shows a building, which never existed in fact. This was a source of recent discussion at length online. I back ed down as there was no other evidence, anywhere, to prove the cartographer's false display. Nevertheless, I stand by much of what I have researched over the past 20 years I have been doing this hobby. Unless, of course, you KNOW different.