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Updated: 24 May 2013

I have deleted everything that had been written by me on this subject. I recently emailed Michael White co author of Project Azorian and he had a look at this page. Sadly much of what I had written was either in error or has been superceded
by facts rather than someone's fantasy, and if you read Project Azorian, you will learn all that there is to learn. I leave this page with that which was sent to me. Anyway, I leave this as a legacy to the engineers who managed such an amazing feat.
Read the book, well worth it.

This is how the New York Times carried the story on their front page on Wednesday March 19 1975. Clicking the thumb nail opens the picture, but be warned it is bigger than your screen and is over 358kb in size. Broadband viewers will have no problem opening the image. I presume a certain amount of journalistic licence has been forthcoming in the preparation of the story as their facts seem to be a bit stretched in places. Papers relating to this case were stolen in a break in at Hughes' offices and leaked to the press.

February 2010: I received an email telling me of various CIA documents that have been released on 4th Jan 2010 for public use.

In between pieces of text there are large blanks obviously secret images that have not been released


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I have never been in communication with Mr Polmar but Michael White went to some length to tell me a few things, my sincere thanks for that.