My Mate Tushar
The Sutton Scouser

 12 February 2004

Update: 17 November 2013

Below the news cuttings is an update on the fate of the murderers, you will not be pleased

It is with great sadness that we announce that Tushar passed away on Thursday 12th February as a result of his injuries.

How the Heart FM website announced the sad death of my mate Tushar, one of the  midlands premier radio presenters.

Heart fm presenter Tushar has died. In the early hours of Monday morning, he confronted burglars at his home in Castle Bromwich and chased them outside. Police believe he may have been hit by the intruders' getaway car. He suffered a serious head injury and was left lying in the street. Today his life support machine was switched off.

Tushar was a much loved presenter at 100.7 Heart fm.  The Managing Director of 100.7 Heart fm, Paul Fairburn has issued this statement. "All of Tushar's friends and colleagues at Heart fm are very shocked at the news of his tragic death.  His family are in our thoughts constantly.

Tushar was one of those great people - a genuinely nice person.  He always worked doubly hard on all our charity fund-raisers and came forward with ideas of his own to do even more for charity, because he wanted to.  That's the kind of person he was.

In 2002 he won a Silver award at the Radio "Oscars", the Sony Radio Academy Awards, for his short-form series about the 25th anniversary of UB40.  Proving that, as well as being a genuinely nice guy, he was a talented broadcaster.


West Midlands Police have been very kind and professional. I'd like to thank them for the way they've handled this dreadful situation.  I re-iterate their call for anyone who knows anything which could help their investigation to contact 0845 1135000 and ask to speak to Chelmsley Wood, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111". Indeed, if you see any crime ring this number please, lets not have this happen again.

Tushar Makwana

"Speak my name and I shall never be gone"

Tushar was a radio presenter with Heart FM, operating from Broad Street in the centre of Birmingham. But not only that, I considered him a mate. On the radio, we used nicknames more often than not, mine was/is The Sutton Scouser. We used to speak quite regularly off air, and sometimes he  would record our conversations, answers to the quiz and chats and play them "on air" to my delight and surprise. I will never forget the time that he had me on "hold" once during his Night Show (0100 - 0600) and as he returned I burped rather loudly!  We talked for a while and then he had to go back on air to do a link. Little did I know - he was to play the entire recording on air including that damn burp! Always the joker was our Tush - as I affectionately called him. Another time I was taking part in the 3 out of 3, the phone in questions which runs on the Night Show, to dispute that I should have had 3 out of 3 and not 2 as he gave me. Tushar, always the gentleman, said that as he had found the particular answer in a reference book he was right - no matter what! I gave in gracefully and ended up with only 2 (officially) right. Another time we chatted off air and he told me about the time his parents had been thrown out of Uganda. Uganda's loss was very definitely Birmingham's gain. He told of his pride and love for his family. I am going to miss you mate. Rest in Peace.

Whether Tushar would have liked to be regarded as a "hero" is open to conjecture. He was simply a man content with his lot, who had a brilliant family life and a very busy, happy, life in broadcasting. His charity work was phenomenal to which he gave such a lot of his time. He died doing what most normal people in this world would have done, defending his family and property from people who prey on others. It is not something he probably gave much thought to, chasing his eventual murderers. The loss of his life was so unnecessary and I sincerely hope that the police are successful in the prosecution of their investigation and duties. I rather much doubt that, in this day and age, his killers will receive the full retribution which is due to them. Our society leans much too much on the so called "rights of the individual" and not on the rights of the homeowner. It is nothing new these days, we have seen incidents far too often in the media of similar attacks which the courts fail to deal with to the satisfaction of the general population. People like Tushar will continue to lose their lives protecting what is rightly theirs and the law will continue to fail to protect those it is there to protect. Yes, I am angry, yes I want justice. Not just for Tushar but for all innocent victims of the filth that infests our society today. I will remember Tushar for the happy times, the love and affection he had for his fans, his family, his workmates.

You were always there Tushar, with a smile in your voice. A laugh for all your fans when they phoned in. No matter how you may have been feeling mate, you brought sunshine into our long nights. I am going to miss you badly Tush. I cried when my wife told me the news. I am not a religious person but I hope your at peace now in that "other place", that Hindu heaven. Well, Tushar my mate, you can do Heaven FM now. Tushar was really really special. To everyone at Heart FM, my friends Ian Fish & Paul Bryant, keep his memory alive, in our hearts and minds. Thank you Ian for the image of Tushar above and those kind words on the phone - which will always be appreciated.

On 16 February 2004, less than 4 days after Tushar died, a motorist was stabbed trying to stop someone breaking into his car in the Kingstanding area of Birmingham. Criminals carry weapons with the intent to use them - no other reason. Since the SUS law was repealed, Police can no longer search people at random, or without good reason, anymore. The criminal element knows this and carry a wide variety of weapons. In my own job as a Security Officer I had course to search a person leaving my then place of employment, Business Post, he had a machetti on him! When I asked him why he was in possession of such a devastating weapon his reply was on the lines of "its protection mate" - I said protection from what? He was vague in his reply to say the least. Some of these warehouse lads carry Stanley knives. They take them home with them - 'I use it in my job' is their excuse. True enough, but they should be left on the premises when the staff leave. The management did not want to know - did not want the hassle. Handguns are also more prevalent, carried by a lot of people within the Birmingham area, and used too! Only recently, a six year old found a fully loaded handgun in the city centre.

We have to return to the days when the Police actually HAD some power. To the days when they could search people purely on suspicion. The only people against this appear to be the so called "goody goody element" of society, we all know who they are. Currently, the criminal walks our streets with impunity, safe in the knowledge that the law is on HIS (or her) side!  People like Tushar are now dead because of our society, and many others besides. Children have lost mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. Husbands have lost wives and vice versa - all down to the stupid, irresponsible laws we allow our democratically elected politicians to force upon us.

Feb 17. On the local news this morning it was mentioned that 3 people are today starting, hopefully, to lead a better life as a direct result of the unnecessary death of Tushar. His organs were donated by his family. Thanks Tushar, thanks Deepika. The most precious thing we have is not wealth but LIFE! Tushar's funeral was held on Thursday March 25th. Rest in Peace mate. icBirmingham reported the results of the court case, see below. Now 12 months on from this callous event. Tushar, still remembered.

Never forgotten .................

These views are my own opinions and Heart FM is not involved in any way with this page


How the Evening Mail Reported Our Loss
Friday 13th February 2004


Homeowners' rights to defend their property and family were backed by a judge yesterday as he jailed four teenage burglars for killing an award-winning Birmingham radio DJ. Father-of-three Tushar Makwana was mown down by a stolen car as he tried to stop the gang who had kicked down the front door of his Castle Bromwich home. After Mr Justice Hunt jailed the thugs - self-styled as the "Untouchables" - for ten years each, Tushar's widow Deepika added to calls for a change in the law to let homeowners fully defend their properties. "This has strengthened my opinions. We always felt that it was only right that you should be able to protect your home if somebody invades your privacy and I totally agree with that," she said. "At the time the law wouldn't have allowed him to do anything to them but if this helps anybody else in the future that is great." Tushar died of head injuries after being thrown to the ground from the gang's getaway car as he chased them. At Leicester Crown Court yesterday, following a week-long trial, Brett Frewin, Matthew Jeffrey, Michael McGuire and Ashley Cooksey were all found guilty of the manslaughter of the 37-year-old, who worked for the Birmingham-based Heart FM radio station.

The jury of six men and six women took five hours to return majority verdicts on all four teenagers. They were also convicted on unanimous verdicts of a number of burglary and robbery charges. It also emerged that the four each have a series of previous convictions for car crime, robbery and burglary going back four years. Mrs Makwana sat in the public gallery as the teenagers were led from the dock, arms raised and jeering as they were taken down. Mr Justice Hunt jailed each of them for ten years for manslaughter, and an extra six years to run concurrently for the burglary charges. He told them: "All of you are young, 17 or 18 years old, but in several of your cases you have a long history of offending and these were serious offences for which lengthy sentences are inevitable. "Castle Vale will be safer by your absence." Frewin, McGuire and Cooksey were also given a four-year extension to their licence period after they are released on parole. On the night of his death, February 9 last year, Tushar had chased the four youths and grabbed the driver's side of the stolen Citroen C5 as it sped away from his home in Wasperton Close, Castle Bromwich. The judge paid tribute to his bravery and said he was right to challenge anyone who threatened his family's safety. He said: "Householders will naturally fight, as is their right, to defend all they hold most dear. "Mr Makwana confronted two of you and he bravely gave chase although he was in his night-clothes and barefooted.

"He never got up. I am satisfied you must have known he was on the ground, that is all part of the background." He added: "Saving your own skins from being nicked, as you put it, was more important to you than any consideration for Mr Makwana's safety. "You were all aware he was there and encouraged the driver to move off at speed despite the risk of harm to him." The addresses of Frewin and Jeffrey, both 17, as well as 18-year-olds Cooksey and McGuire, cannot be published for legal reasons. The court was told they were involved in a string of raids carried out on the night of February 8 and early on February 9. After sentencing, Superintendent Lorraine Bottomley criticised the teenagers' actions for heaping more misery on Mr Makwana's family. She said: "It was absolutely disgusting, the reactions of the four. It is clear they show no remorse for what they have done."

10 years? What does his family get?  

Its now 2013 and its almost certain that Tushars murderers are now back on the streets, and doing what?