Yorkshire Dialect

I was born in Yorkshire, and very proud of that fact. It all started with god beholding nothing. He looked at our universe and was troubled, so he threw a banger into the nothing and it produced 'something'. He swirled his finger in the something and it began to form hydrogen molecules and eventually matter. He swirled his finger yet again and the solar system swirled tighter and tighter into a swirling dense gas cloud. The pressure being such that the Sun was born and blazed forth in all his glory. This swirling mass began dust, then became rock and became rocky clumps which grew in most cases into planets. One of these was in the 'goldilocks zone'. I am totally UNreligious but the story goes that when god created the earth he started with Yorkshire. This was his base of operations.
He made it ideal so he could feel comfortable whilst building the rest. He had put the seas and oceans on but didn't like the sea on both sides so he created Lancashire to keep the sea away in the west. He peopled Lancashire with those he deemed unworthy to be of good Yorkshire stock. Being of a superior vintage, the good folk of Yorkshire began their own language, known as godspeak. He looked upon this land and knew it to be perfect and was well chuffed. He knew balance was required so he created the best footy team in the other side of the Pennines, in Manchester. So Newton Heath was born. Then he coloured them red. So, there we have it, as we all know, god was a Yorkshireman. Here is a sample of the words of the lord. There are many others.
Abide Bear, or Suffer
Aboon Above or Over
Ackle Work or function as intended
Addle Earn by labour, Addle a living
Addled Addle-headed, empty headed
Agait Start, To go, Move, Work
Aht Out, Outside
Aigs Haws
Allock Dawdle
Allus Always
Anall Me too, As well
Anent Next to
Apeth A halfpenny worth (of sweets)
Assnook Under fire grate
Awant Warrrant
Awfish Eldrich/Hideous or Elfish
Bad job Unfortunate
Bahn Going
Baht Without
Bastile Workhouse
Bensil Beat
Bield Shelter
Blathered up Dirty, covered in muck
Bleb Blister
Blether Talk nonsense
Blobs Kingcups, Cowslips
Boggart Ghost, Spectre
Bonney A Match For Bonaparte
Brat Apron
Bray Beat up
Britches Trousers
Brussen Clever, Smart Alec
Bummel-Clock Beetles
Cadger Borrower, One who collects corn and takes to mill for grinding
Cahd Crouched
Caitiff Infirm
Cake'ole Mouth
Cal(s) Gossip(s)
Callin Gossiping
Canty Briskly
Cap Surpass, Beat
Capt Surprised
Causey Pavement
Chuff Arrogant
Chuffed Pleased with oneself
Chuffy Haughty
Chunter Mutter
Chelp Talk loudly
Claht Cloth
Claht 'ead Cloth head, Stupid
Clant Piece of cloth
Clarty Muddy
Clawk Scratch
Clem To starve
Clemmed Hungry
Cletch Brood of young birds, Chicks
Cloise Near, Field
Cob Stone (Cobble stone)
Coil Coal
Coit Coat
Cluthered Tangled
Clutter Huddle
Cobby Active
Conny Darling
Croodled Bent Double
Cuvins Periwinkles
Daggle Grow Moist
Dassent Dare not
Dawks Hands
Day-Tale Men Day Labourers
Delver Quarryman
Doff Take off
Don Put on (clothes)
Dwine Waste
Een Eyes
Eldin Kindling
Eyup Hello
Fast Short of
Feight Fight
Fettle Mend or Clean, Condition, Get ready
Flay Frighten
Flep Mouth, Lips
Fligged Fledged
Frame Show promise
Fratch Quarrel
Fret Mist
Fugglin' Cheating
Fullock Rapid motion. Impetus, Force
Gaffer Boss, Foreman
Gainest Nearest
Gal Gossip
Gallases Braces
Gapin Yawning
Gathering Turning septic
Gaum Understand
Gauvies Simpletons
Gawby Fool
Gawpin Staring
Gawk Left handed
Geeoer Give over, stop, desist
Gimmers Ewe Lambs
Ginnel Alleyway, usually roofed between houses
Gip Retch
Gob Mouth
Godspenny's Earnest Money
Gollup Gulp
Gradely Nice looking
Gumption Common Sense
Guzzle Eat greedily
Hafe Shelter
Happen Perhaps
Hask Keenly
Hiddy Hide and Seek
Hoamin Murmuring
Hold on Wait, Slow down
Hugger Up Crowd Together
Jaloused Suspected
Jamb Door post
Jowl Knock
Kali Sherbert
Keks Trousers
Ket Rubbish
Kexes Dried Stems Of Weeds
Kist Chest (i.e. box)
Knackin' Affected
Kneyd Knead bread
Lady-Cows Ladybirds
Laiking Playing games, Not working
Laithe Barn
Lap To drink
Latin Searching For
Lawp Leap
Lief Rather
Lig Lie down
Lillilow Light
Liltin Light-Hearted
Limmers Wagon Shafts
Lish Smooth
Loans Lanes
Lop Flea
Lug Pull, Ear
Luggin Carrying
Maffted Too hot
Mardy Miserable, awkward and stubborn
Marlocks Tricks
Mash Brew
Maunce Mixture
Maungy Spoilt, Peevish
Mawks Maggots
Mawmet As Proud As An Idol
Mell On Meddle With
Mell-Sheaf The Last Sheaf Of The Harvest
Middlin Moderate, Fair
Mithered Bothered, Stressed
Moither Harrass
Mowdiwarps Moles
Mullock Mess
Mun Must
Nark Annoy
Natter Grumble
Nauped Hit on the head
Nawpins Perks
Nesh Cold, or considered to be soft for feeling the cold
Nobbut Only
Nowt Nothing
'ow do How do you do?
Owt Anything
Parky chilly, cold
Pawse Kick
Peff gentle cough
Pikelet Crumpet
Playin' pop telling off, scolding
Pop lemonade
Rack judgement of length by eye
Real Good or understanding
Reckon Think
Reight Very
Reyck Reach
Rive tear up, split
Sen Self
Shuft Make more room
Sillin' Raining
Sitha Look ! Now
Sithe Look out
Skelp Beat' Blow
Skelped Good hiding
Skep Coal bucket, Basket
Skint Broke, no money
Skoil School
Slart Splash
Sleck Coal Dust
Sliver  Branch Of A Leafing Tree
Slocken Satiate
Slop One leg of trousers or knickers
Sluffed Fed up, Tired of
Smittle Infect
Snap Light meal
Sneck Door latch
Snicket Alleyway, normally open at the end of a row of houses
Snickle Snare
Snod Smooth
Soom Hum
Soss Sip
Spetch Sticking plaster, Patch
Spice Sweets, Candy
Spinks Chaffinches
Spuggy Sparrow
Squabs Settles
Staggarths Stock Yards
Stalled Out of patience
Stark Stiff
Stecked Latched
Stoop Post
Storten Stiffen
Straif Flotsam And Jetsam
Summat Something
Summer-Gauze Gossamer
Sumpy Swampy
Sup To drink
Swaimish Timid
Sweeal Burn out
Tack Piece work
Taistril Reprobate, Unwieldy, Grumbling Rascal
Taw Marble
Teem Pour out
Temmed  Poured
Teng Sting
Tew Work hard, Slave
Tewits Peewits
Tha / Thi Your
Thee You
Think on Remember
Thissen Yourself
Thoil Not worth the price, Endure
Thrang Busy
Threap Argue, Swear one down
Thine Yours
Tig Touch
Toit Busy
Toom Empty
Tow Work hard
Trammel Rubbish, Garbage
Twang Speech
Ullets Owls
Unkerd Strange, Eerie
Utch Snuggle
Wag Play Truant
Wahr Worse
Wankle Unsteady
War Worse
Wark Ache