Eden Camp Malton North Yorkshire
Former POW Camp in WW2

September 2019


Images on the walls of the cafe
617 Squadron - The Dambusters 1941
Dam Practice Derwent Dam, Derbyshire
an actual 'bomb sight' as used on the raid
Taking off
Ginger Lacey Hurricane returning home
49 Sqn
The caption tells us that Monty is currently in the Mediterranean area
Prisoners of the Japs after liberation
Royal Tank Regiment
This image, now fixed, shows as Royal Tank Corps, should have been Regiment
Medal Room - Cafe area
The left hand model opens up to reveal a guillotine!!
Part 2 - The Camp
Thorneycroft Tow Truck
Memorial to all those who risked their lives helping downed airman 'The Helpers'
Bitter cruelty of the SS
Guard Tower of POW Camp (not originals)
V1 'doodle bug'
Tactical Nuke casing
These huts are the originals
Flag of the Nazi Work Force Todt
Even her husband did not know!!
District Nurse visits family
Electrical Shop WW2
Toy Shop
'Cpl Jones butchers'
General Store
Many of the prisoners on release decided to stay and didn't want to return home
Wehrmacht horse drawn cart
Italian 'chariot' manned torpedo
British manned torpedo