The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci ( He knew!)
This is not the 12 apostles but the 11, as Judas had already made his exit

Being a totally non religious person I can look at this objectively. Firstly, the church in Rome describes the person in JC's RIGHT, as St Peter. Crap! He is depicted everywhere else and masculine and bearded. This is a feminine. FACT - THE WIFE OF JESUS, and his successor, Mary Magdelene. She was the daughter of a judian nobleman, NOT a prostitiute at all. She succeeded Christ as leader of the movement. After the death of Jesus (not at the crucifixion) she became the leader and was treated as such. It was not until about 400 years later that Emperor Constantine (who wanted to standardise conflicting ideologies, and his Council of Nicea, decreeds her to be a harlot - women in power - gerra life!!).

This was a simple Inn, no frills, nothing, so where does a 'golden chalice', a 'holy grail', come from? It does not! If JC drank from anything it would have been a simple wooden bowl, which would have been washed and returned to the stack for further use. JC was real, his myth is not. JC belonged to a political sytem known as the Sons of God. If you want you can akin it to the IRA and the PIRA of Ireland; one political, one killing machine. He would have been IRA. If anything, the Holy Grail. or in French, Sang Real, means holy blood, or 'bloodline of' .................... not a damn CUP and certainly not a 'golden chalice' - what would that be doing in a simple inn?