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Andromeda Galaxy
Steamboat 'Arabia'. Relics found in perfect condition
King Arthur - Much of this legend is just myth, over 99% of which is quite untrue. Relatively unknown from history, embellished and fantasised by Victorian authors and later grasped upon by film makers. Arthur was, if anyone, a Celtic (Welsh) Chieftain, his name, Ar Fur (Great chief). They did not have a round table or castles, nor did they wear shining suits of armour or search for Holy Grails. Modern day philanthropists perpetuate the myth with claims to 'ownership' like Tintagel etc.
Belgrano - The Truth by Lord Parkinson. Chilean Intelligence and Decisions. 2 May 1982
Captain Johnnie Walker RN - the scourge of the U Boat, a real hero of the WW2 - his own site.
Carl Sagan - Visionary and Astronomer
Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman
Drake Equation
Edmund Fitzgerald -The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Lake Superior Nov 1975. Immortalised in song by Gordon Lightfoot in 1976.  Sad tale of a shipwreck in an unusual storm on the Great Lakes.
Egypt (incl Moses)
Early History of Fire Brigades
The Inner German Border
The Gospel Truth? - Not necessarily
Hedy Lamarr. Not just a 'pretty face'
Last Supper (of Da Vinci) painting
Lawrence of Arabia in Dorset
K129 Submarine - Truth really can be stranger than fiction
HMS Kite. A unique insight into one of Capt Walkers Black Swan Class Sloops - copyright information, (years in the making)
Mars & Curiosity
Manchester United FC air crash in Feb 1958 in Munich, with authenticated information by the son of the co pilot, the German cover up
Mercator - A true story of the rescue from the Mediterranean Sea of an American aircrew by HMS Chevron, by eye witnesses on board. A "sneaky beaky" mission which went wrong!
Nature. My collection of images of everything from bugs to spiders and bees, mostly local. Most are taken by me
The history of the short lived, but famous, Pony Express
Radio Caroline North
Richard III - made a villain by Shakespeare and his kind
Royal Navy Food & Health 1800s
Russian Air Force museum at the town of Monino
Listening to the Russians - Cold War
The Scouse dialect in the 50s and 60s.
HMS Shannon vs USS Chesapeake 1813
Mar 2017, new page showing some of the exceptional Space images we get from Hubble etc.
Space and the Universe in perspective, Carl Sagan, Mars, Drake
Steam Trains UK. West Somerset Railway, North Yorks Moors Railway, Severn Valley Railway, Locomotives, new Flying Scotsman images (2016)
Sutton Coldfield - History & Images - Separate Site
Tall Ships. Merseyside & Belfast
The Bridge at Toko Ri - A raid related by a former member of the strike force in the Korean War
I've Been there!! Images from my Travels Around England (transfered site)
Tushar - Heart FM Night DJ (& Friend) who was murdered by scum stealing his car
Cliff Beeler - U2 Pilot - His Story. A soldier of the Cold War.
SS Warrimoo. A unique once only chance in a life time.
Wirral - History & Images - Separate Site
VA3 Hovercraft - Commemorating the Anniversary of the World's First Passenger Hovercraft Service. July 1962. Between Moreton, Wirral and Rhyl North Wales. This was also the worlds first Mail and passenger carrying hovercraft. This is on my Wirral History site.
da Vinci
Origin of some Words, eg: threshold
My WW2 Site - Separate Site
Yorkshire Dialect (godspeak)

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