Ever since I was a young lad living on The Wirral I have been in love with the steam locomotive. When around 10 -11 years old (1959 -1960) I would walk down the local road to Leasowe Station (electric) and bunk a ride to the next station along the line called Bidston Station. (Image right Bidston 1920s) Here the steam trains from south Wirral would interconnect before turning north and east to Seacombe Station where it, in turn, connect the the Seacombe Ferry to Liverpool Landing stage at the Pier Head. It was here at Bidston I would bunk a ride on the train to Seacombe via Liscard & Poulton Station. The carriages did not have a passageway, so no inspector was to catch me!! The smell, the noise, the feeling, was magical to me - and still is.
 Today, over a half century later, I regularly try and visit what are now known as heritage railways. North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) (Image left) which runs from Pickering, north to Grosmont and, when I was there in June, to Whitby. Severn Valley Railway runs from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster. West Somerset Railway which runs from Bishop Lydyard to Minehead. The Dart Railway running from Totnes to Kingswear. And there are many others too. Wonderful days out. This is a collection of my photographs of those visits and some library images I have collected along the way, available via Google.

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Various Images of Steam Locomotives, Earl Bathurst. Magazine Images. Buckfast Railway Station, Devon. Wirral Steam Days. Hoylake and Bidston Station (Wirral) 1920s. Now 2 pages
Pickering, North Yorkshire Railway 2001,2003, 2004
  Pickering to Grosmont (and back again)
Pickering June 2016
 June 2016 - NYMR at Whitby
 Bridgnorth - Severn Valley Railway - 9 February 2006
Severn Valley Railway Aug 2016
Severn Valley Railway Aug 2018
 West Somerset Railway - various dates
 Sir Nigel Gresley on the NYMR
Wirral Railways. Copied from my wirral site
New 2016. The Flying Scotsman has re emerged from a 10 year restoration and is, as I type, running on the NYMR (March 2016).
South Devon Railway


South Devon Railway

Image by Mark Panther (Landscapes of Yorkshire on Facebook) Oxenhope Moor

Black 5 taking a train through Grosmont tunnel North Yorkshire Moors Railway Sept 2006

Dorridge early morning waiting for Clun Castle charter to York. Dec 15th 2019

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