Flying Scotsman

A National Treasure

Flying Scotsman 6 Aug 2017 leaving Leeds for York

1923 was a good year for British steam, it was the year that the flying Scotsman was born. She was made in Doncaster.

10 years work, £4.2 million, cheap at double the price!

A National Treasure

The renovation was a complete strip down by E Riley & Sons - the front quarter of the engine had to be completlely replaced but the remainder is authentic Scotsman. All wheels etc are authentic orginals but, obviously, a lot of parts had to be replaced. Since she went back on the railways, there have been a couple of problems but she seems ok now.
Flying Scotsman in 1956
The year is 1963 and she is about to start her final run to Doncaster
After all the restoration here she is being prepared for a run Feb 2016
ready to go
In the cab, fired up and ready
Flying Scotsman returns to the rails after a 10 year complete overhaul and rebuild. She ran trials on the E Lancs railway before her inaugural run from Kings Cross to York. February 2016
Flying Scotsman arrives at York Feb 2016

March 2016 working on the beautiful NYMR. Image David Cappleman on the Welcome to Yorkshire Facebook page.
Same as a poster I got being given away by the Daily Mail, its now on my wall by the computer. However, it had been photoshopped by removing all the wires and 'bits' - must admit, the poster version look a lot better. There are minute differences between the two.