North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Whitby

June 2016

Black 5 Class 5MT 4-6-0

The Stanier 4-6-0 'Black Fives' designed for passenger trains and express freight trains (mixed traffic 5MT rating). Stanier Black Five 45428 was built as LMS 5428 in 1937 by Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth Engineers Ltd (as locomotive works no. 1483 at the Scotswood Works in Newcastle-on-Tyne. The name ERIC TREACY was added in its post British Railways heritage days.

Technical detail specifications of locomotive 45428/5428: Boiler pressure of 45428/5428: 225 lbf/, Weight of 45428/5428: loco 72.1 tons, tender 53.7 tons, Wheel diameter of 45428/5428: 3' 3½'', 6' 0", Valve gear of 45428/5428: Walschaerts piston valves, Cylinders (diameter x stroke) of 45428/5428: 18½" x 28" (O), Tractive effort of 45428/5428: 25450 lbf., BR Power classification of 45428/5428: Class 5MT.



The young lady hanging out of the opposite window is a trainee, more images below