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Updated 23 June 2022


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BR Standard Class 4 Number 76079   Built: February 1957    Withdrawn: December 1967  Arrived Barry: September 1968  Departed Barry: July 1974 

The 76000 series of Moguls were first introduced in 1952 and soon showed themselves to be good modern locomotives with a high route availability. Although the Southern-based members of the class were more often seen on passenger work, the design was biased towards goods traffic, as evidenced by the relatively small diameter driving wheels. However, like most BR Standard classes, they were destined to lead very short lives with the mass destruction of steam power in the late 1960’s.

 No 76079 was built at the Horwich works of the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in February 1957 and entered service with the London Midland region at Sutton Oak shed. The five representatives of the class based there were mainly used on freight duties, although one of there regular diagrams took them from St Helens to Warrington and on to Chester with a local passenger service, working back home with the morning Hooton to Heaton Mersey freight empties. In December 1960 No 76079 was noted as far south as Bristol(St Philips Marsh) but after having spent the night on Barrow Road shed it returned north with a parcels train. This was a fairly unusual incident, and the 2-6-0 could more normally be found in the Liverpool area, in particular on the sand trains for Pilkingtons glass works at St Helens, although by mid-1965 it regularly travelled further afield with North Wales coal trains along the Chester to Holyhead line. After more than 10 years at Sutton Oak, No 76079 was transferred to Wigan(Springs Branch) in june 1967 where the duties were mainly concerned with mineral and general goods traffic, but it only lasted on this work for six months, being withdrawn at the end of the year. In company with three other Standard Moguls from Wigan, it was towed to Barry Scrapyard behind the inevitable diesel locomotive, arriving there in September 1968.

 No 76079 was taken to Steamport, Southport in July 1974 (The 59th Locomotive to be rescued from Barry) and initially went on display as a static exhibit. Subsequently privately owned, it was moved to a site undercover in Liverpool where rebuilding was carried out.

 No 76079 is now owned by Riley and Sons Ltd, where it is fully restored and mainline registered. It is a busy engine, regularly performing on the "Whitby Endevour" for the North Yorshire Moors Railway and the summer season “The Cambrian” operated by West Coast Railway Company. 76079 is available for hire direct from us, just Contact Us at  http://www.rileyandson.co.uk/html/76079.html


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