Space X
View of the ISS from Spacex Dragon Supply Ship (below)
Crew Dragon carrying 4 astronauts to the space station Nov 2020

As Dragon reaches orbit, Falcon 9 (reuseable) first stage lands on recovery ship
Cargo Dragon separation
Test Centre Boca Chica - SN8 Starship top section prepares for first test flight Dec 9 2020
Ready for Launch

Lift Off SN8

12k up and flying like a plane (unpowered)
A fuel pressure problem caused the uncrewed starship prototype to land too quickly and it was destroyed. The resulting very brief fireball
was the result of what little fuel it still had onboard igniting. It looked far worse than it actually was. SpaceX reports a successful first test flight and they got
all the data they wanted. Boca Chica Texas is SpaceX test facility and SpaceX said before the test that they did expect things to go wrong.
SN9 is ready and waiting to test, and several others are in production (SN10 - 17)